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The Five Stages of Grief:

Clock Town is denial. No one in the city wants to admit the moon is going to fall on them.

The Swamp is anger. The Deku Scrubs are rushing to kill a monkey they blame all their problems on, yet he had nothing to do with any of them.

The Mountain is bargaining. The Gorons, freezing and starving, perpetually keep their hope that their dead hero will come back and save them.

The Bay is depression. The Zoras lost their guitarist, and continuously mourn over him.

The Valley is acceptance. With no more transformation masks and virtually everyone in the zone already dead, the only thing Link has left to conquer is himself. 

Link can’t really save everyone. Even after introducing the game as a quest to find Navi, he never will, but by the end we can accept that. One of the game’s opening lines mentions that he is searching for a lost friend, and one of Tatl’s last lines at the end of the game is “Well, both of us have gotten what we were after…

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